About Camera Rochester


Camera Rochester supports its diverse membership by helping members learn from each other and from speakers who are invited to provide information or share their work. We feel it’s important for each member to develop unique strengths rather than be guided by the opinions of others.

Members are welcome to bring images to our Peer Critiques for discussion, ideas, and helpful suggestions. It’s an opportunity to see each others’ work and establish cooperative relationships with other members. Members are encouraged to express their ideas, reactions and feelings about the work they see. Both the photographer whose work is being discussed and the individuals who comment are benefitting by considering different viewpoints.

Competitions allow us to see how a panel of outside judges views and evaluates our work. We vary the type of individuals who are invited to be judges and help our members understand that one qualified judge may see value in work that others may not. Our goal is to assist members to judge work by their own standards, not those of others. Our Peer Critiques provide an opportunity to discuss judging and better understand how our personal goals may or may not fit in with individual judges.

We provide opportunities for our members to exhibit in a variety of venues and also inform our members of individual exhibiting and sales opportunities.

Although we usually have competitions on the first Monday of each month, and Programs or Peer Critiques on the third Monday, scheduled events may change whenever there is a benefit to our members.  

Camera Rochester members help each other learn about taking great images and finding personal expression in a supportive atmosphere. It is never too early or late to start taking photographs. If you enjoy photography, join us!

Contact Us

For General Inquiries, contact us at camerarochester1970@gmail.com